Happy New Year!

First of First, two thousand and fifteen.

It’s pretty easy to be inspired by the first day of the new year. Even the date sounds fresh and fabulous. For the most part though, 2015 is going to be a lot like 2014. It will be another year where I will be lucky enough to be a full time Mum to my gorgeous girls. This year I continue to study something I really enjoy and am passionate about doing, and this year we will continue to live in (and improve) the pretty little house we live in.

Life is pretty comfortable, and it would be super easy to just not change a thing. I guess the question becomes; Do you want to be comfortable? Do you want to be more?  I’m pretty selfish, so I’m going to try for more every time. So I’m going to push for change. Push myself to work a bit harder, to be a bit less comfortable for some long term gains. What am I going to concentrate on?

  • Health – I know everyone says this, but at the moment I’m very unhealthy and it’s a little scary. I’ll share more about that in another post.
  • Writing – I’m studying to be an English teacher, but my own spelling and grammar suck. I want to write more often, practice my editing and get better.
  • Home – This one has a few more layers. Mostly because it also involves being better with money so we can afford to do some of the more regularly required things (like servicing our car or cleaning our heating ducts) as well as the more luxurious things (like redoing our study/playroom.

 I have some commitments that I also want to focus my time on. I’m a terrible branch secretary; my minutes are often late, as are my debating regional coordinator results. Sometimes it’s because I’ve over-committed my time, sometimes it’s just because I’m lazy. Generally I think my 2015 goals are pretty stock standard ones really. There is nothing outlandish or unachievable in the list. Just simple, practical and essential. I’m setting myself a timer to reblog about my progress on all three every 2 months. Because I work better with a deadline 😉

IMG_2202(Some things that I found in my garden this morning!!)

 What are your three goals for 2015? I’d love to hear them.

 Happy New Year!



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