I :heart: Saturdays!

So in the interest of making blogging a little bit easier (and therefore, achievable. See 2015goals) I’m going to make my weekend content some regular posts. On Saturdays, I’m going to post up my favourite things of the weeks. In the interest of entertainment and balance, I’ll also talk about anything I’ve frustrating or failed as well. Sundays will be a visual post of my weeks’ worth of Photo a Day images. Hopefully this will also encourage me to complete this program, because as a scrapbooker who doesn’t scrapbook often enough anymore, I see so much value in it!

So, let’s get started on the good stuff shall we?

I :heart: Mix & Go


Motherhood teaches you a lot of things. Sadly, I’ve never been great at time management and a decade of taking care of young humans hasn’t improved this. So I’m all for things that make meal times or snack times (or middle of the night sugar craving times) easier. My Mum & Dad got me this nifty little machine for Christmas and to say I’m loving it is an understatement. I’ve been eyeing them off in the shops for months now, but I was never convinced the price tag was going to give me a good quality machine. It doesn’t make smoothies any better than my Bellini Kitchen Master does, but it’s a heck of a lot quicker to clean which means I can make smoothies for kids and a different (healthier) one for me. At the moment my go to smoothie is 1 orange, 1 banana, 2 tbsp of flax-seed, 60 grams vanilla yoghurt (one of the diet ones), a few frozen berries, a handful of ice, a quick pour of skim milk and some water. It’s delicious, filling and more nutritious then the cheese rice crackers I’ve been snacking on. I’m looking forward to exchanging my large (and pricey) Coffee on the wait to school drop off with one of these when school goes back.

I :heart: Pumpkin Hommus


I have no idea what made my husband pick this up at Coles. The man (thinks that he) hates Pumpkin. He will eat Sweet Potato (cough!) and has gotten better at dealing with pumpkin on his place, but I was still very surprised to see him bring this home by choice. And I am really glad he did! It has a bit of a kick to it, so if you aren’t a fan of spicy things this might not be for you. But if you are, then I wholeheartedly suggest that you grab a tab of this for with biscuits, on toast or with carrots, celery & capsicum fingers. It is seriously yum, especially with cream cheese. Calorie wise, it’s not too bad in small doses, which is why I’m enjoying it on Soy and Linseed toast for a lazy mid-morning snack.

I :heart: CFA Fire Ready App

fire ready

This is a bittersweet heart. I hate the day when I have to reload this on my phone, and every time my phone tells me it’s sent me a notification my breathe catches a little. But I am so grateful to have access to it. We live on the very outer suburbs of Melbourne, at the edge of a very high risk area. We’ve been evacuated before, purely for precaution, and given that S works long hours and often takes our big car with him to work during the school holidays (it’s way more comfortable than that car he drives), it’s a huge weight off my mind to know that I have access to fire updates and alerts without having to keep a radio or news channel on. Everyone should have this app, and you can download it from here.

Things I’m not loving this week;

  • The state of my house. School holidays make me so lazy.
  • Magic Sand. Anyone who suggests this stuff is ‘Mess Free’ hasn’t met my (or any, I suspect) Two Year Old.
  • Taking down my Christmas decorations. Boo Hiss. (I love Christmas!)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



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