No :heart: Saturday (on Sunday)

As a general rule, I prefer to keep the content of this blog fairly up beat. I don’t like bitching about people or companies (politics aside), and so I hope you’ll forgive me for this No :heart: post. But I just couldn’t keep it in any longer.

A few weeks ago I posted this review of my Violet Box beauty subscription box. I mentioned that I’d unsubbed from my others for budget reasons, and this was because I felt I wasn’t getting the service or value from them. One of those boxes (or bags, in this case) was by a company called Lust Have It. They were the middle ground price wise, and when I first started getting them, I loved everything that came! The bag it came in was super cute, and very handy as a make up bag, a pencil-case, etc. But it was always the last box (bag) to come in the month. And then instead of arriving in the last week of the month, it started to arrive in the first week of the following month.My October 14 bag was shipped after the 17th November. By some miracle the Dec box arrived before Christmas, and but for Jan everything fell apart once again.

I completely understand that pretty much the whole world comes to a stand still over Xmas/New Years. Totally get it. But it’s not like this stand still is a surprise. Christmas is kind of an annual thing, there is just no excuse to be ‘surprised’ by the fact that your suppliers are closed over this period. I think my biggest issue was the lack of communication. On Jan 31st, a post went up on Facebook to advise that the bags would be sent at the soonest on Feb 9th. And then they weren’t. In the end I didn’t even get a tracking number, but my Lust Have It Jan bag didn’t arrive until after 20th Feb. And I received a product that I’d also received in the December box. Not exactly the point of a sub box!! By this point I’d decided that the over-promising, under-delivering was enough of a reason to move on and close my sub. Money had not yet been taken for the February bag, and so I logged on the website and clicked “UNSUBSCRIBE” button in the “MY SUBSCRIPTION” section the website.

No harm no foul, it was fun while it lasted, but I was done now. As were lots of other people, going by social media.

Then on March 6th, two weeks after I unsubscribed, Lust Have It deducted another monthly fee from my paypal. When I logged back into my account, my subscription had gone from being INACTIVE to ACTIVE. I was not the only one. Lots of complaints were posted to the Lust Have It Facebook page with exactly the same story. Unsubscribed, but Money taken. The dodgiest part of all this, was that it seemed that all of the people who were still subscribed had been charged the week before, and the March 6th deductions seemed almost exclusively unsubscribed customers.

Lust Have It’s response was not that they had made an error, but rather that it was our fault. That none of us had unsubscribed properly (despite some customers having emails from their support team confirming their unsub). APPARENTLY the UNSUB button on their website DOESN’T DO ANYTHING and you actually need to email them to receive a link to a form and only after you’ve filled in that form will you be unsubscribed.

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. WHY HAVE A BUTTON??

So with the refusal to refund, you would think that LHI would high tail those boxes out of the warehouse to their unhappy customers. Nope. Shipping started last week, but I don’t have a tracking number yet. Remembering this is a FEB bag. I’m not expecting it until at least the end of the week, so the 19th/20th March. I’ve seen some unboxings and frankly, I’m not excited. It seems that they’ve included a foundation AND a concealer in the bag. Which are two products that are pretty useless to you if they don’t match your skin colour. They’re not samples either. I cannot understand why they though that was a good idea (although, someone else noted that this foundation is now being sold for $10 on the company website) and I can’t imagine how they are going to catch up. There are other boxes that they sell that are more than 3 months behind. BUT THEY ARE STILL SELLING THEM ON THEIR WEBSITE.

Previously, Lust Have It was an excellent sub box, and I recommended them to friends and family. But I’m now saying STAY AWAY. At least until they get their shit together. But honestly, I can’t it happening anytime soon.

No :heart: Lust Have It.

Sorry!! #notsorry

Have a fab sunday folks!



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