So after the disaster of the my prac being cancelled, I have miraculously found another! MIRACLE is an UNDERSTATEMENT. The USQ prac office has been very helpful, although as it turned out I didn’t need them in the end. I’ll be working in a Senior Secondary, with only students from years 10-12. This works particularly well, given that my other ed subject focuses on transitions out of secondary. There will be a lot of focus on this while I am there, with Year 10s going on Work Experience during my first week. Overall I’m excited, but I’m always excited about prac.

However, on the learning path this week, we’ve been asked to think about our fears and challenges about the upcoming prac. I suggested the following;

1) I’m lucky enough that I’ve not had any disastrous teaching rounds, but certainly one of the biggest challenge

 has been balance what my prac requirements are vs what is happening in the curriculum in that school at that time. Often in Victoria students are beginning exam preparation or SAC work during prac time. Because these external assessments don’t happen in the same way in QLD the timing doesn’t matter so much for most students. But it’s difficult to plan meaningful experiences when your mentor teacher needs to prepare students in a specific way. 

2) This leads perfectly into my fear for this one. My prac school is a senior secondary, with only years 10,11 and 12. So there is a real fear that they won’t be doing much more then revision. Also, this school is in a very low socio economic area, and I’m concerned about the resources available to me and students in the ICT area. 

It’s been very reassuring to read many other student’s answers with similar concerns (Cassandra outlines similar concerns to mine), but also with the learning path’s own addressing of these concerns. Specifically that the VOLUME of ICT used on prac is not going to impact our grade, but rather the way we implement RAT frameworks with the ICTs we do have access too. Certainly it is possible to transform learning with just a powerpoint presentation – as long as you plan it that way!


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