Learning in lessons

It’s really common to get caught up in the perception of what teaching is based on what our assignments are often based on. The idea about ‘teaching knowledge’ and ‘communicating a concept’ are both things that teachers need to do, and need to be good at. But in reality this should not be taking up every single lesson, particularly has students get further through secondary. My last mentor reminded me that students’ generally learn best by doing, and there are some great resources about this on the AITSL website. By actioning the new concepts you’ve shown them. And that secondary students particularly might need more complex ways to action these concepts and therefore need an activity to go for longer than one period.

This means that not every lesson needs a specific learning outcome all to itself. Students need time to practise and hone their skills, and graduate teachers need to remember that even though our university assessments often insist on creating lessons that seek to achieve a particular goal. The goal should always be student driven learning rather than teacher driven teaching.

Some other EDC3100 students are already doing some fab work planning and teaching, like Natasha




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