On Prac!

Well I have officially started at my prac school. Life is going to be slightly dull this week, as the year 10’s are on work experience (mostly) and they seem to be the majority of my students. So we’ve been doing a lot of planning, and and feven planning some lessons with ICT avaliable within the school even if we don’t end up using it. Because 15 days actually isn’t a log of time, and when students only have 250 minutes of class time with you it can be tricky to fit in all the things.

Also, in Victoria, we are coming up to external assessment period, and because my school only has students in year 10-12 that affects everyone (As I suspected and posted about here). No junior school to go and observe or teach. But I’m looking forward to planning some great exam revision for the English students, and continuing to work with the Drama ensemble pieces. In fact we’re using a super cool ICT for drama, but more about that next week.

I hope everyone else is having a great week.

Some other experiences on prac include;

Gemma’s experience with a similar class dynamic to my Year 10 English class

Britt’s experience with a similar access issue to ICT


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