Learning styles – Are they real?

I have a bit of downtime at the end of prac, because in Victoria senior school exams have began. It seems the trend now is to start Semester 2 in the last two weeks of term 2, just before the students go for school holidays. None of this makes any sense to me, but alas, it seems to be how it is done now.

Whilst on this downtime, I’ve been working on my assignments and doing some general education research. Now, my girls go to an I.B. primary school, and my intention is to do my masters in IB at some point. Learner styles make sense to me, and generally I’ve seen that concept work pretty well in the classroom. Not everyone learns the same way, and each learner learns differently depending on the context of the lesson as well. And the day of the week. And the weather. And their mood.

But this ted talks doesn’t really agree with that at all. Which is a provocative concept to me! What do you think? Do learner styles exist? Are we overthinking it?


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