Done and Dusted

Well, EDC3100 I think I have conquered you.

I have submitted assignment 3, which makes me done and dusted for ICT and Pedagogy. This course is huge. HUGE. Ridiculously huge. And whilst some of the content is really valuable, a lot of the time, working through the moodle books is tedious and not at all compelling. It also meant that finding information later was often really difficult.

The assignments were interesting, but like a lot of my education assessments, I still feel like they are set up to assess how much we know about education theory, when by this stage of our degree I would hope that it would be my actual teaching skills, content chosen and assessment task design that was being tested.

My favorite assignment was still assignment 1, and here are some more of my favourites!

Amy’s HPE Video 

Megan’s Video

Charlotte’s Video

Congratulations on everyone who has made if through this course!



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