I am the very lucky Mum to three beautiful daughters, aged 10, 8 and 2 and am married to a very patient and supportive Husband.  We live not quite metro, not quite rural suburb on the outskirts of Melbourne, in a beautiful little home that we (literally) built ourselves a few years ago. I enjoy decorating, craft and shopping! My husband and I are really enjoying creating our home little pieces at a time.

 I run a very tiny Etsy shop called “The Silver Lining Co.” which is a graphic design store. Mostly party invitations for children, weddings and all other events, but I am branching out into Artwork and Milestone posters as well. Go check it out, or feel free to ask me if you would like some bespoke created just for you.

 Currently I am studying full time by distance, and am really enjoying it. I am completing a Bach. of Education in Secondary Teaching, with English and History as my majors. I am the worst English teacher in the world, and I’m hoping that having a blog and writing regularly will help my spelling and grammar because I seriously suck at it. I used to read a lot when I was younger, but I have less time and energy for it now and tend to just read for uni or the books students are learning about on prac.

In 2014, I stood as a support candidate for the Upper House electorate of Eastern Victoria for The Greens. So I can’t promise from time to time my blog won’t get a little political. I am a politics junkie. I watch election night coverage. Even for states I don’t live in. I just love it. I don’t love our current government, but I do promise that if I’m going to vent, I will do it with rationality and explain the issue that I’m unhappy with, rather than just abuse the party or the person. I will also talk about The Greens from time to time, and outline policies that I find people don’t really understand. Our local branch does a lot of community work, and we are slowly changing the stereotype of “tree hugging hippie” in the area. Which is really, really exciting. I also helped run the lower campaign for the seat of Gembrook, which was a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

 Lastly, I am a self-confessed make up addict. I’ve only found myself in this position quite recently, so I’m hooked but not very good yet! I will post some product reviews, subscription box unboxings and maybe some tutorials if I fluke something cool (and can recreate it in photos!)

 So yeah, I guess this is going to be a Mummy-Ed-News-Beauty Blog. Which should keep things interesting!!? I’d love your comments and suggestions along the way!

Thanks for reading 🙂



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