EDC3100 – It’s finally up! Intellectual Property Crash Course!

So excited! I’m sure I’ve talked (written?) about how great John Green & Co’s Crash Course video’s are. Last week’s learning path was about DIgital Citizenship, and for those of us who aren’t so across issues like this Crash Course have put together some fabulously informative and entertaining videos on Intellectual Property.

These videos are especially great for teachers, because they address complex issues in engaging and accessible medium for students to work with. They generally provide great overviews which create good platforms for students to begin their inquiry study.

With the high prevalence of using the internet as a research tool, the ability and ease of cut and paste is very tempting for students, and for those who don’t understand why it’s not okay to simply take the words of someone else these videos can be a great conversation starter in the classroom!




So after the disaster of the my prac being cancelled, I have miraculously found another! MIRACLE is an UNDERSTATEMENT. The USQ prac office has been very helpful, although as it turned out I didn’t need them in the end. I’ll be working in a Senior Secondary, with only students from years 10-12. This works particularly well, given that my other ed subject focuses on transitions out of secondary. There will be a lot of focus on this while I am there, with Year 10s going on Work Experience during my first week. Overall I’m excited, but I’m always excited about prac.

However, on the learning path this week, we’ve been asked to think about our fears and challenges about the upcoming prac. I suggested the following;

1) I’m lucky enough that I’ve not had any disastrous teaching rounds, but certainly one of the biggest challenge

 has been balance what my prac requirements are vs what is happening in the curriculum in that school at that time. Often in Victoria students are beginning exam preparation or SAC work during prac time. Because these external assessments don’t happen in the same way in QLD the timing doesn’t matter so much for most students. But it’s difficult to plan meaningful experiences when your mentor teacher needs to prepare students in a specific way. 

2) This leads perfectly into my fear for this one. My prac school is a senior secondary, with only years 10,11 and 12. So there is a real fear that they won’t be doing much more then revision. Also, this school is in a very low socio economic area, and I’m concerned about the resources available to me and students in the ICT area. 

It’s been very reassuring to read many other student’s answers with similar concerns (Cassandra outlines similar concerns to mine), but also with the learning path’s own addressing of these concerns. Specifically that the VOLUME of ICT used on prac is not going to impact our grade, but rather the way we implement RAT frameworks with the ICTs we do have access too. Certainly it is possible to transform learning with just a powerpoint presentation – as long as you plan it that way!

Another submission done!

Well, assignment two is done and dusted, but assignment 3 is already underway. No rest for the wicked. I have been incredibly busy with work as well, which isn’t helping my time management skills either.

But the worst news of the week is that my placement got cancelled. My mentor teacher was all set, we’d booked our planning meeting, but the school administrator rang USQ to advise they could no longer take me. Apparently I’m to expect a call from her to explain, but as yet I’ve not heard anything. If nothing else it’s a nice reminder that schools are not above unprofessionalism, and that I need to adjust my expectations that this industry is going to be the ‘ultimate workplace’.

So in the change over from assignment two to one, Ive started to do some reflection, which I will share with you later. But firstly I wanted to share with you some other students whose reflections are inspiring me at the moment;

Deanne’s Self-Reflection

Megan’s Self-Reflection

Happy Monday!

EDC3100 – Planning for purpose

When looking over the requirements of the essay part of assignment 2, the study book talks about planning to embed ICTs as an actual tool, rather than just a thing that students have and therefore should use.  My first (parental) instinct is that BYOD devices are expensive and should be used all the time. Because Value.  But there is also a part of me that is pretty old school. I’m concerned about our lack of handwriting in literacy, and wonder about how constant computer use in students is changing  the shape of our brain. So I don’t think that I will be a teacher who considers taking notes in word on an iPad as actual ‘ICT embedded learning’.

Students bring a vast variety of skills and technological knowledge into the classroom. And this must be considered when planning. Too often I’ve seen teachers take advantage of this. ‘Create a newspaper in Publisher’ but students aren’t given any direction or lesson into the capabilities of Publisher. So much of the lessons are the students playing with the program rather then creating high quality content. Planning for purpose needs to ensure the students are prepared for the task so that authentic and confident outcomes are achieved! It’s not enough to hand the ICT over, you have to guide them through it!

But I do want to do more then just use power point presentations or make-a-quiz online websites. Luckily some of my fellow EDC3100ers have had some fun ideas, like Deanne and Belinda‘s use of Skype.

Happy Wednesday folks!


The Education State. Or the state of Education.

Changing tact from my usual conversation. More pretties tomorrow I promise.

When I stood for the Victorian state upper house last year, I was lucky enough to attend a meeting our local private school principals and independent school union reps to discuss The Greens education policies, and the needs/wants of the private sector. It was very civilized with coffee and delicious morning snacks. I was seated, alone, Continue reading

Give away ALERT!!!


Did you see my I :heart: Stuff post on Sunday? Are you desperate to try the Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick!! Well, I want you to have one in your hot little hands!! 

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I :heart: Stuff on a Sunday.

Because yesterday was Saturday.

Here are my 3 fav things this week. 

I :heart: Autumn colours on my nails 


 After doing a bloody good job of breaking my thumb nail it was off to the salon with me. I hate choosing colours, it takes me forever and I’m always afraid I’m going to choose something that clashes with everything I wear. This time I wanted to go with something a bit deeper then the summery colours I’ve had previously (bright red, aqua, pink etc) but I didn’t want something too cool tone. I ended up choosing “Diva of Geneva” by OPI, which I LOVE. Hopefully I can find a bottle somewhere, because I can see myself wearing this a lot. My ring finger is in an OPI liquid sand, which is such a crazy cool polish. I can never get over how thick the coverage is, given that it’s so glittery. Amazing stuff.

I’ve thinking recently that I need to take off my gels, because I don’t actually remember the last time I didn’t have fake nails. But I actually HATE filing my nails. It makes me feel sick, and I can only just stand other people doing it. So I know I’d never keep them up if I didn’t have too. Someone recommended SNS to me – but do you know if I can paint over or change the colour between refills? I don’t often do so, but I don’t love the idea of not being able too. 

I :heart: Coles Refreshing Citrus Soap 


 My husband is a soap bar kind of guy. He’s not into scrubs and loofah at all. Luckily he’s also not super fussy on what body cleaning product I pick up. But I do know that he loves things that smell like citrus and so this 5 pack seemed like a go. And when you get 4 bars for less then $2, how can you go wrong. Seriously you can’t.

Turns out, it’s actually pretty great. Usually cheap soap makes my skin feel dry and yuk, but this doesn’t, and the smell is gorgeous. Highly recommend for basic in shower body cleaning. 

I :heart: Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick  

I really really really really really like this. Like, a lot. It’s creamy without being overly greasey, it wears off beautifully and it’s bright without being full on. It’s a fabulous way to wear interesting colours to work or in a more formal areana. I have this in Lady Flower, which is more pink then burgendy on my lips. Other colours I’m looking forward to picking up is Rapture (a deep purple) and F-bomb (so red). I may do a full review of these when I have a couple more, so look out for that. These retail for $32 and you can pick them up at Mecca.

Have a fav Sunday beauties!


P.S Checkout my facebook page for a giveaway announcement TOMORROW!!! Xoxo 

Put your dress out 

This week, Australians have collectively been shattered by the reported disappearance of Stephanie Scott, a high school teacher from the small town of Leeton. Ms Scott was seemingly snatched from her workplace in the middle of the day, last Sunday (Easter Sunday). Most heartbreakingly, today should have been her wedding day. We’ve been privy to many gorgeous images of this vibrant girl at her hens night, and so many of my friends have commented how sad it is that she won’t ever have gotten to wear her wedding dress. 

Today, the Scott family and friends are having a picnic to celebrate Stephanie’s enormous presence in their lives. My thoughts have been with them throughout the day. 


This is my dress. I am so lucky to have had the chance to wear it – in 2015 alone, 30 women have been killed, most of them just going about their everyday tasks. Whilst I refuse to live my life in fear, there can be no denying the risk women face from unjustifiable violence. 

Enough is enough. 

RIP Stephanie


YOUTUBE MADE ME BUY IT – Bourjois rouge edition velvet Lipsticks

 So there have a been a few posts like these floating around, and I have a couple of things that I brought recently that have 100% been influenced by You Tube and the fabulous people I watch on there.

Today’s installment is of course the Rouge Edition Matte Lipsticks by Borjouis. You can see it on facebook on Kitsch Snitch and Messy Downunder AND Miss Billy. Plus many many more!

I only have one of these, in Peach Club, but honestly, I’m desperate for more.

But I have to tell you, I wasn’t originally sold. I didn’t love the colours, I felt like a lot of the reds and pinks weren’t that different to whats on offer everywhere. When I first swatched it on my lips (admittedly I did this while driving out of the car park, thats how much I wanted to try it!) I didn’t love it then either. I remember thinking that it it felt too wet or too thick to dry matte. The lesson is that it doesn’t need a lot of product to get the right pay off. It does dry into a matte finish, and for a good few hours it feels gorgeous. Like you’re not wearing anything at all, but not dry and not gross when you lick your lips. I find that as it starts to wear off, it does sticky. I like to think of it as a sign you need to reapply. And similar to the Australis Velourlips, it’s best to take this completely off and start again..

Ain't no party like a Peach Club party
Bourjois rouge edition velvet in Peach Club

I am desperate to get more!! In fact I’ve just ordered two more, and a fancy, but cheap, beanie from ASOS because they are more then $6 cheaper there then in Priceline. Adding the beanie upped my cart over the free postage spend AND will cushion my pretties on the journey over!! Look out for swatches on instagram when they arrive!!

Happy Wednesday Willing folks!!


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