I :heart: Saturdays. Or How do update your study nook for (almost) under $200!

It’s not that I didn’t like my old office furniture. I did. Stylish dark glass, lots of room to put everything (Literally. All the things were left on the desks), and funky levels for extra storage. But admittedly, when I designed the room layout, I was about a half a metre too short for the room to really work the way I had intended, and so the desk were pushed to the sides of the room, and never used properly. Rooms that need to serve more than one purpose are always a challenge, Continue reading


Study Update!!

A hoi hoi!

Goodness me, it’s been almost a week since I’ve been able to sit down and chat to you properly. As it turns out, I’m not great out of routine, and I genuinely struggled with just about everything with my kidlets around to drive me crazy. I watched a lot of Veronica Mars (which is actually the best show ever) and I went out for lunch more times then I’d planned. Did I get through this list? Continue reading

No AL in my job

This week has seen a lot of my social media filled with posts expressing both fear and excitement at those who returned to work this week. My internal monologue has mostly reacted to these posts with a “My job doesn’t offer annual leave”. As Mum I work 24 hours a day (Thanks co-sleeping two year old), and whilst the perks are far more rewarding than any other role, it is definitely emotionally draining. Because my husband works Continue reading

Happy New Year!

First of First, two thousand and fifteen.

It’s pretty easy to be inspired by the first day of the new year. Even the date sounds fresh and fabulous. For the most part though, 2015 is going to be a lot like 2014. It will be another year where I will be lucky enough to be a full time Mum to my gorgeous girls. This year I continue to study something I really enjoy and am passionate about doing, and this year we will continue to live in (and improve) the pretty little house Continue reading