I :heart: Stuff on a Sunday.

Because yesterday was Saturday.

Here are my 3 fav things this week. 

I :heart: Autumn colours on my nails 


 After doing a bloody good job of breaking my thumb nail it was off to the salon with me. I hate choosing colours, it takes me forever and I’m always afraid I’m going to choose something that clashes with everything I wear. This time I wanted to go with something a bit deeper then the summery colours I’ve had previously (bright red, aqua, pink etc) but I didn’t want something too cool tone. I ended up choosing “Diva of Geneva” by OPI, which I LOVE. Hopefully I can find a bottle somewhere, because I can see myself wearing this a lot. My ring finger is in an OPI liquid sand, which is such a crazy cool polish. I can never get over how thick the coverage is, given that it’s so glittery. Amazing stuff.

I’ve thinking recently that I need to take off my gels, because I don’t actually remember the last time I didn’t have fake nails. But I actually HATE filing my nails. It makes me feel sick, and I can only just stand other people doing it. So I know I’d never keep them up if I didn’t have too. Someone recommended SNS to me – but do you know if I can paint over or change the colour between refills? I don’t often do so, but I don’t love the idea of not being able too. 

I :heart: Coles Refreshing Citrus Soap 


 My husband is a soap bar kind of guy. He’s not into scrubs and loofah at all. Luckily he’s also not super fussy on what body cleaning product I pick up. But I do know that he loves things that smell like citrus and so this 5 pack seemed like a go. And when you get 4 bars for less then $2, how can you go wrong. Seriously you can’t.

Turns out, it’s actually pretty great. Usually cheap soap makes my skin feel dry and yuk, but this doesn’t, and the smell is gorgeous. Highly recommend for basic in shower body cleaning. 

I :heart: Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick  

I really really really really really like this. Like, a lot. It’s creamy without being overly greasey, it wears off beautifully and it’s bright without being full on. It’s a fabulous way to wear interesting colours to work or in a more formal areana. I have this in Lady Flower, which is more pink then burgendy on my lips. Other colours I’m looking forward to picking up is Rapture (a deep purple) and F-bomb (so red). I may do a full review of these when I have a couple more, so look out for that. These retail for $32 and you can pick them up at Mecca.

Have a fav Sunday beauties!


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YOUTUBE MADE ME BUY IT – Bourjois rouge edition velvet Lipsticks

 So there have a been a few posts like these floating around, and I have a couple of things that I brought recently that have 100% been influenced by You Tube and the fabulous people I watch on there.

Today’s installment is of course the Rouge Edition Matte Lipsticks by Borjouis. You can see it on facebook on Kitsch Snitch and Messy Downunder AND Miss Billy. Plus many many more!

I only have one of these, in Peach Club, but honestly, I’m desperate for more.

But I have to tell you, I wasn’t originally sold. I didn’t love the colours, I felt like a lot of the reds and pinks weren’t that different to whats on offer everywhere. When I first swatched it on my lips (admittedly I did this while driving out of the car park, thats how much I wanted to try it!) I didn’t love it then either. I remember thinking that it it felt too wet or too thick to dry matte. The lesson is that it doesn’t need a lot of product to get the right pay off. It does dry into a matte finish, and for a good few hours it feels gorgeous. Like you’re not wearing anything at all, but not dry and not gross when you lick your lips. I find that as it starts to wear off, it does sticky. I like to think of it as a sign you need to reapply. And similar to the Australis Velourlips, it’s best to take this completely off and start again..

Ain't no party like a Peach Club party
Bourjois rouge edition velvet in Peach Club

I am desperate to get more!! In fact I’ve just ordered two more, and a fancy, but cheap, beanie from ASOS because they are more then $6 cheaper there then in Priceline. Adding the beanie upped my cart over the free postage spend AND will cushion my pretties on the journey over!! Look out for swatches on instagram when they arrive!!

Happy Wednesday Willing folks!!


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Urban Decay Day!!

Most people are aware how much I love Mecca. Even in my Sephora post I mentioned how I preferred any experience at Mecca to Sephora. I love the ladies in my local store, I love the range, and the pricing tends to be on par with the US or at least as close as anywhere. I’ve never walked out without a stack of products in sachets to play with and try, and it’s always worth mentioning that your on the hunt for the ultimate primer/foundation/whatever because you will be loaded up with tiny jars full of products. I’ve never been disappointed before.

And I feel a little bit guilty posting this, because it is such a spoiled-bratty-first-world-problem, but I was a little disappointed today.

Today Urban Decay Day! Mecca created some hype, stating the ques would open at 7am at all stores (although, originally I thought this was only at the Melbourne Central store, based on their facebook account) and doors would open at 9am. It stated that the first 100 customers in store would receive a free UD make up bag and deluxe samples. I had a dilemma. I had to get the girls to school, but I seriously wanted those samples. I even considered taking them with me and dropping them back to school afterwards (and in future, I probably will do this). Instead we just got hot chocolates on the way to school and I dropped them off at 8.15. Even though the school was open, and classrooms warm and inviting, I felt guilty. Our local Mecca is only a couple of minutes from school, so I reached Mecca at about 8.25am. When I got there, security was in the process of moving the que of make up addicts from one side of the door to the other. I was ushered into the end of there line, and then suddenly the was about 10 people behind me as well. About 5 minutes later we realise that getting in line isn’t enough and that you actually needed to go find a Mecca lady to get a wrist band – be we weren’t sure if this was just for the door prize or as a place in the que. None of us wanted to leave the line, understandably.

When the barer of the wrist bands did appear, some of the girls from behind me approached her, and wrangled the last 10 bands for their group. So bizarrely there was me and a couple of other girls within the first 100 people but with no bands. People ahead of me and behind me had them.

Now I probably could have argued my case. But I figured it was a difficult enough morning, and maybe given that I was in fact within the first 100 customers, I would still receive one in store.

Just before the doors opened, staff drew the $500 door prize, which was won by a Mum and promptly handed to her late-teens daughter. So So sweet, and I could tell they were both shocked and in awe of the new box of goodies they had! And no wonder – all the naked palettes and some extra bits and pieces! I love it when clearly good people win good stuff. Yay them!!

So after 35 minutes in the line before the doors open, I was very surprised at how quickly they moved the que into the store. They limited the number of people into the store, at first they only let 20 in, but by the time they got to me there was about 50-60 people. It was crowed but still comfortable. I ummed and ahhed about the Naked 2 Basics palette, but in the end I settled for shadowbox, because I already have a few nude palettes, and I’m always looking for colour! If someone (like my Husband) wanted to get me a present for my birthday then the Naked 2 or Naked 3 palette would be a fabulous idea (HINT: I’M TALKING TO YOU HUSBAND). Here are some swatches of Shadowbox, but my apologies for how crap the photos are. Late night + iPhone = Rubbish. They are MUCH nicer in person. Especially the green and blue ones.

Urban Decay Shadowbox. Bottom Row. From Top: Baked Cowboy, Moonshadow (the photo does not do this justice, it’s gorgeous!), Freelove (as before!!), Lost, Mushroom, Flash.
Urban Decay Shadowbox. Top Row. From top: Sin, Indo (this one is actually Green), Bordello, Tornado, Smog, Blackout (not super black).
Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in LadyFlower

Next I really wanted a lip colour, but the bar is set up so strangely. The Sheer revolution lipsticks are kept closed, with no colour reference, so to see what colour each one was, you physically had to open each one. This is probably fine when it’s not first-release-day-crowded, but today it was not fab. Also there were two staff manning the stand, one was lovely, stood to the end out of the way, only venturing in front of product to access the drawers underneath. The other staff member stood in front. Of the foundations. Where people needed to swatch for colour matching. It was not clever and was very frustrating. She also seemed frustrated by the fact that people wanted to look at the colours and swatch the testers. Seriously, if I’m going to drop more then $30 on a lipstick, I want to know how pigmented it is, and if it feels nice! Anyway, eventually I got to the lipsticks and managed to get myself the colour “Lady Flower” which is fab mid pink colour. I didn’t wear lipstick on purpose today, and I was wearing a lot of pink and so this one was perfect. I do quite like it, and although it does feel a little greasy on, it wears and fades beautifully. Lots of a colour that isn’t crazy out there.    he last thing I brought was the Naked Flushed double ended brush. I don’t have a lot of make up brushes, because I would just rather by product then brushes, but I’ve been after a stippling brush for a while after seeing some amazing tutorials on you tube. Normally I just apply my BB cream or foundation with my fingers, but I know it looks better and stays longer with a brush. This brush is only $35 and is really two brushes in one. So not bad value really!

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Double Ended Brush

It didn’t take me long to collect my goodies in a bag, and headed to the counter. I was processed at exactly 10am.

Receipt. BOOOOO no freebie. #fwp

There is no chance I wasn’t within the first 100 customers. But alas, no wristband, no goodie bag.

But, I didn’t get ANY samples. At all. None. That never happens. And certainly never when I spend more then $100 after waiting nearly 2 hours. So that was a little disappointing, but honestly it’s only because usually they take such good care of me.

Totally, I’m going to stop complaining now, because it’s just great to add another high end, fab quality brand that we can access in store, with a price point that is on par with overseas prices.

So Happy Urban Decay day everyone! Did you get the goodie bag? Do you have a haul to show us? Share your link!! I want to see the UD pretties!! 🙂


Priceline Mini Haul!!

Normally, the Priceline 40% cosmetics sale is a big deal in my life. Usually it happens twice a year, and there are threads on the AustralianMakeup sub-reddit, as well as youtubbers putting together recommendation videos for what addicts should be hitting up at the sale.

But I feel like this one really snuck on me. Or us, I’m not sure. I wasn’t even sure I was going to get a chance to get into Priceline, and it was really a small fluke that I did. My daughter’s soccer day at school got rained out for the last hour, so we headed to our local shopping centre for a hot chocolate, and the Priceline was just next to the entrance. I was very good budget wise, and brought 3 products, plus a lip gloss for Matisse, and only spent $33. Given that the first product I picked up normally retails at $24 on it’s own, I think I’ve done fairly well.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 04 Peach Club
Rimmel Provocalips 110 Dare to Pink

The first product is on the Bourjois Velvet lip creams, which I picked up in a coral-pink colour. I’ve wanted to try these for ages, since Messy Downunder talked about how much she loves them. Having said that, when I got to the stand, I found it really difficult to pick a colour. I think I need to be braver in my lip colour generally. This might be my winter beauty goal. More colour, more coverage, less safe! I’ve tried it on, and whilst I’m not immediately in love with the product, it is nice.
The second product I picked up was a Provocalips by Rimmel. I wanted to wait until the sale for this, because I’ve heard some mixed reviews of these.  The colour range is average, and I picked 110 Dare to Pink, which is a ballet pink. It’s not a colour I have in my collection and I figured it had good coverage, I could pull it off. The coverage isn’t amazing, and it does this weird thing were it pools at the edge of my lips and looks like I have a weird darker liner on. This might be solved by using an actual lining, but for the life of me I cannot find my clear lip liner so I’ll have to trial that another day. The colour on my lips isn’t terrible, but feels a little 15 year old me, rather than 32 year old me. Which come to think of it has been most people’s complaint, that the range looks and feels a little 90s throw back. I don’t want to say that I hate these (although, I might have on instagram) but I don’t love them either. Staying power must be amazing though, because they are bitch to get off (Protip: rub some bb cream or foundation on top and then use a make up wipe).    he last product I got on a complete whim. This one is Australis’ VelourLips in the colour ‘ShangHi’. It was literally in a box next to the register and I thought “I love that colour”. I’ve not been shy about the fact that my other Velourlips don’t work for me. They feel too wet and too heavy and so they don’t seem to spread or dry nicely. But I’m so glad I grabbed this one, because the formula is gorgeous. It spreads beautifully and when dry it feels like a tint, but the colour is amaze. This one is going into the rotation and I’m resisting the urge to go out and by all the accessories in this colour so that I can wear it more. LOVE it!

Australis Velourlips in Shang-Hi

As you can see, I was very restrained. Which is good because Urban Decay lands in Mecca TOMORROW. I have no idea what I’m going to buy, but you can bet I’ll be rewatching some Naked Palette reviews on youtube tonight. Like this one.

Have a fun Thursday!