I :heart: Stuff on a Sunday.

Because yesterday was Saturday.

Here are my 3 fav things this week. 

I :heart: Autumn colours on my nails 


 After doing a bloody good job of breaking my thumb nail it was off to the salon with me. I hate choosing colours, it takes me forever and I’m always afraid I’m going to choose something that clashes with everything I wear. This time I wanted to go with something a bit deeper then the summery colours I’ve had previously (bright red, aqua, pink etc) but I didn’t want something too cool tone. I ended up choosing “Diva of Geneva” by OPI, which I LOVE. Hopefully I can find a bottle somewhere, because I can see myself wearing this a lot. My ring finger is in an OPI liquid sand, which is such a crazy cool polish. I can never get over how thick the coverage is, given that it’s so glittery. Amazing stuff.

I’ve thinking recently that I need to take off my gels, because I don’t actually remember the last time I didn’t have fake nails. But I actually HATE filing my nails. It makes me feel sick, and I can only just stand other people doing it. So I know I’d never keep them up if I didn’t have too. Someone recommended SNS to me – but do you know if I can paint over or change the colour between refills? I don’t often do so, but I don’t love the idea of not being able too. 

I :heart: Coles Refreshing Citrus Soap 


 My husband is a soap bar kind of guy. He’s not into scrubs and loofah at all. Luckily he’s also not super fussy on what body cleaning product I pick up. But I do know that he loves things that smell like citrus and so this 5 pack seemed like a go. And when you get 4 bars for less then $2, how can you go wrong. Seriously you can’t.

Turns out, it’s actually pretty great. Usually cheap soap makes my skin feel dry and yuk, but this doesn’t, and the smell is gorgeous. Highly recommend for basic in shower body cleaning. 

I :heart: Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick  

I really really really really really like this. Like, a lot. It’s creamy without being overly greasey, it wears off beautifully and it’s bright without being full on. It’s a fabulous way to wear interesting colours to work or in a more formal areana. I have this in Lady Flower, which is more pink then burgendy on my lips. Other colours I’m looking forward to picking up is Rapture (a deep purple) and F-bomb (so red). I may do a full review of these when I have a couple more, so look out for that. These retail for $32 and you can pick them up at Mecca.

Have a fav Sunday beauties!


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