The Education State. Or the state of Education.

Changing tact from my usual conversation. More pretties tomorrow I promise.

When I stood for the Victorian state upper house last year, I was lucky enough to attend a meeting our local private school principals and independent school union reps to discuss The Greens education policies, and the needs/wants of the private sector. It was very civilized with coffee and delicious morning snacks. I was seated, alone, Continue reading


Ticket to ride – #qldvotes

Oh, Queensland. Land of endless summer (compared to Melbourne) and so many thrill rides (also, compared to Melbourne), I should not have been surprised at your state election would be the political equivalent of a 4 min Dreamworld rollercoaster. QLD is one of my favourite destinations, having had two amazing families holidays there, and I should have known that it would not let the political nerd inside me down. Continue reading