I :heart: Saturdays


Success is a thing people!

Let’s get into this, shall we?

I :heart: THIS SONG.

Because it is super sexy, with funky retro sound and fun as lyrics. Who doesn’t want to Marvin Gaye?

I :heart: ChiChi Matte Viva La Diva Lipstick

I have this one in Drop Dead Gorgeous, which is a deep dusty pink. My lips are naturally quite dark, and so actual nudes tend to make me look a bit sick. But this one works perfectly. The formula is really lovely, it gives a matte finish without drying, and whilst it isn’t transfer proof, it’s a lot better then a lot of my other lip products. It wears off nicely, and doesn’t go lumpy or feather during eating. Cannot wait to get more, well worth the money!!

I :heart: my Personal Planner  

Okay, so you might remember that I started designing my own A4 sized planner. Whilst I love my own design, I started to get a stuck because I wasn’t really sure HOW I wanted to use it, and what elements were going to be useful and what weren’t. Also printing 1 planner was turning out a bit costly for something I wasn’t 100% sure about. So I looked into getting a planning for 2015, so I could get more of a feel for it. Originally I had planned to get an Erin Condren, because, frankly, they seem to be the ultimate. But you can’t pick which month they start anymore, and cost wise, $50 is a lot for a planner, plus postage. Very expensive for something that’s now only good for 9 months. So I looked for an alternative. I came across personal-planner.com.au, which originally  I thought was an Australian company, but is actually Swedish with a sneak website registration. My intention is to do a full review in a couple of weeks, so I won’t go into too much detail here. But it is safe to say that I really like the layout and how is it is to alter it to suit my needs. Also, stickers are addictive!!!

I hope your Saturday has been filled with :heart: 😉 Wxo


I :heart: Saturdays!

So in the interest of making blogging a little bit easier (and therefore, achievable. See 2015goals) I’m going to make my weekend content some regular posts. On Saturdays, I’m going to post up my favourite things of the weeks. In the interest of entertainment and balance, I’ll also talk about anything I’ve frustrating or failed as well. Sundays will be a visual post of my weeks’ worth of Photo a Day images. Hopefully this will also encourage me to complete this program, because as a scrapbooker who doesn’t scrapbook often enough Continue reading