Beauty Review – MUD MASK (Formula 10.0.06 Pores Be Pure)

image2 (2)As a general rule, I’m pretty lucky with my skin. Even as an awkward teenager, I didn’t get a lot of acne. There was one horrible experience Continue reading


Make up in your kitchen!

CornflourMe to Husband(S) – “Is cornflour the same as corn starch?”

S – “I’m not sure, you’ll need to google it.”

Me (googles) – “It is! Excellent we have some in the cupboard.”

S – “What are you baking?”

Me – “No, No, It’s for on my face.”

S – “Okay then.”

He says “Okay” but he gives me the same look I got when he asked me why there was a large bottle of Grape Seed oil in our en suite (Answer: It’s for on my face). Continue reading

Beauty Review – Smashbox Santigold Lip Gloss

You know those times when you are wwaayy too excited about something? Yeah, well, this is going to be one of those times for me. I’ll be honest with you; this tends to happen to me a lot. Today I’m reviewing a product that isn’t new on the market, but still pretty exciting if you’re not usually the kind of girl who can splurge $30 on a lip gloss. And trust me, that’s me!

 I’ll start at the beginning.

 My husband works evenings, usually 3pm to 11 (or midnight Continue reading