Priceline Mini Haul!!

Normally, the Priceline 40% cosmetics sale is a big deal in my life. Usually it happens twice a year, and there are threads on the AustralianMakeup sub-reddit, as well as youtubbers putting together recommendation videos for what addicts should be hitting up at the sale.

But I feel like this one really snuck on me. Or us, I’m not sure. I wasn’t even sure I was going to get a chance to get into Priceline, and it was really a small fluke that I did. My daughter’s soccer day at school got rained out for the last hour, so we headed to our local shopping centre for a hot chocolate, and the Priceline was just next to the entrance. I was very good budget wise, and brought 3 products, plus a lip gloss for Matisse, and only spent $33. Given that the first product I picked up normally retails at $24 on it’s own, I think I’ve done fairly well.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 04 Peach Club
Rimmel Provocalips 110 Dare to Pink

The first product is on the Bourjois Velvet lip creams, which I picked up in a coral-pink colour. I’ve wanted to try these for ages, since Messy Downunder talked about how much she loves them. Having said that, when I got to the stand, I found it really difficult to pick a colour. I think I need to be braver in my lip colour generally. This might be my winter beauty goal. More colour, more coverage, less safe! I’ve tried it on, and whilst I’m not immediately in love with the product, it is nice.
The second product I picked up was a Provocalips by Rimmel. I wanted to wait until the sale for this, because I’ve heard some mixed reviews of these.  The colour range is average, and I picked 110 Dare to Pink, which is a ballet pink. It’s not a colour I have in my collection and I figured it had good coverage, I could pull it off. The coverage isn’t amazing, and it does this weird thing were it pools at the edge of my lips and looks like I have a weird darker liner on. This might be solved by using an actual lining, but for the life of me I cannot find my clear lip liner so I’ll have to trial that another day. The colour on my lips isn’t terrible, but feels a little 15 year old me, rather than 32 year old me. Which come to think of it has been most people’s complaint, that the range looks and feels a little 90s throw back. I don’t want to say that I hate these (although, I might have on instagram) but I don’t love them either. Staying power must be amazing though, because they are bitch to get off (Protip: rub some bb cream or foundation on top and then use a make up wipe).    he last product I got on a complete whim. This one is Australis’ VelourLips in the colour ‘ShangHi’. It was literally in a box next to the register and I thought “I love that colour”. I’ve not been shy about the fact that my other Velourlips don’t work for me. They feel too wet and too heavy and so they don’t seem to spread or dry nicely. But I’m so glad I grabbed this one, because the formula is gorgeous. It spreads beautifully and when dry it feels like a tint, but the colour is amaze. This one is going into the rotation and I’m resisting the urge to go out and by all the accessories in this colour so that I can wear it more. LOVE it!

Australis Velourlips in Shang-Hi

As you can see, I was very restrained. Which is good because Urban Decay lands in Mecca TOMORROW. I have no idea what I’m going to buy, but you can bet I’ll be rewatching some Naked Palette reviews on youtube tonight. Like this one.

Have a fun Thursday!