I :heart: Saturdays. Or How do update your study nook for (almost) under $200!

It’s not that I didn’t like my old office furniture. I did. Stylish dark glass, lots of room to put everything (Literally. All the things were left on the desks), and funky levels for extra storage. But admittedly, when I designed the room layout, I was about a half a metre too short for the room to really work the way I had intended, and so the desk were pushed to the sides of the room, and never used properly. Rooms that need to serve more than one purpose are always a challenge, Continue reading

Ticket to ride – #qldvotes

Oh, Queensland. Land of endless summer (compared to Melbourne) and so many thrill rides (also, compared to Melbourne), I should not have been surprised at your state election would be the political equivalent of a 4 min Dreamworld rollercoaster. QLD is one of my favourite destinations, having had two amazing families holidays there, and I should have known that it would not let the political nerd inside me down. Continue reading

Make up in your kitchen!

CornflourMe to Husband(S) – “Is cornflour the same as corn starch?”

S – “I’m not sure, you’ll need to google it.”

Me (googles) – “It is! Excellent we have some in the cupboard.”

S – “What are you baking?”

Me – “No, No, It’s for on my face.”

S – “Okay then.”

He says “Okay” but he gives me the same look I got when he asked me why there was a large bottle of Grape Seed oil in our en suite (Answer: It’s for on my face). Continue reading